Wednesday, 18 April 2018


Also, seen from the view of The Old Girl it's outrageous, egregious and preposterous.

So, what am I referring to?



I bought it from Countdown in the bakery section. I note that it's made in Italy and given that it tastes like fresh cream inside it's outrageous, egregious and preposterous. How does this manage to be shipped from Italy and, unfozen, still stay fresh.

The answer is in the list of ingredients on the back of course.

Glucose Syrup, Reconstituted Milk [Water, Milk Solids], Water, Savioardo Biscuit (Minimum 9.0%) [Wheat Flour, Egg, Sugar, Milk Proteins, Raising Agents (450,500)], Mascarpone (Minimum 5.0%) [Cream, Acidity Regulator (lactic acid)], Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Milk Proteins, Egg Yolk, Alcohol (2.5%), Stabiliser (420), Cocoa Dusting (Minimum 1.0%) [Cocoa (Minimum 0.5%), Dextrose, Wheat, Starch, Sugar, Cocoa Butter), Marsala Wine (Minimum 0.9%), Thickeners [407, 415], Soluble Coffee (Minimum 0.6%), tapioca starch, emulsifiers (471, 472b), coffee extract(0.1%), flavourings, salt.
I've highlighted the preserving agents which have probably irreparably damaged my health but, damn it was delicious.

I bought this on Sunday after I dropped The Old Girl off at the airport and finished the last of it off for lunch today. I've gotten rid of the evidence so she will be unaware of this illegal, immoral and irresponsible purchase.


  1. Do you have a good recipe for meat balls?

  2. Yes but I normally I 'play it by ear' when cooking, using up what I have in the fridge and cupboards so it often varies.

    I like this recipe:

    Lamb mince (makes the best burgers, rissoles, meatloaf, meatballs, mince, Bolognese etc).
    one egg
    Breadcrumbs - home made wholemeal is best
    Herbs (tarragon, rosemary, basil, oregano etc)
    Chilli garlic paste
    Onion or spring onion
    Fresh garlic
    Sprinkle of flour when binding
    Splash of Soy sauce and Worcester sauce (no extra salt needed)

    Shape into small balls not big cojones

    Gently saute in a small amount of olive oil

    Put in a pre-made, home made tomato sauce base

    Tomato sauce recipe:

    Garlic and Small amount of onion or spring onion - gently saute
    Capsicum diced
    Soy, Worcester, Chill garlic, chilli sauce etc to taste
    A can or two of skinned tomatoes
    A portion of grated carrot (for sweetness)
    Herbs to taste (oregano, basil, thyme)
    Simmer until all evenly cooked and heated.

    Serve with cooked meatballs
    Top with fresh basil and grated Parmesan cheese.

    Have with some crusty bread stick or rolls and a decent red wine.

  3. Hey! Are you taking the piss Robert?
    I posted a meatball recipe in the previous post.



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