Sunday, 28 January 2018


Holidays and long weekends often end up as a food fest at our place. We had friends (Sheila sadly died a couple of years ago and Allan is living overseas now) used to arrive armed with most of the contents of the supermarket. We used to joke that they were bring Red Cross Parcels to prison camp inmates. See: HERE

This weekend friends from Auckland came up in Thursday and left today (to beat the traffic which they rightly assumed will be horrendous tomorrow). The Old Girl is staying through to Tuesday.
We've enjoyed a leisurely weekend which has involved lots of reading, chatting, swimming, eating and of course wine drinking. Interspersed has been games of snooker and pool which is always fun.
This post is naturally about food though.

We're blessed in this country with a great choice of good food. You can go over the top and buy from delis and boutique supermarkets or save money by buying from fresh food markets or Pak n Save. Essentially, if you steer away from processed foods and ridiculous imports (anything non-seasonal is an import) there is no reason that anyone regardless of income situation cannot eat well*. I shopped at Pak n Save and topped up with some deep-cut specials from Countdown (smoked salmon and Pinot Noir). The guests brought some delicious offerings from I don't know where but being a bit parsimonious I doubt it was from one of those delis and boutique supermarkets. The result was delicious meals that we shared in producing for three evenings, three breakfasts and lunches for whoever was still hungry.

I made wholemeal and wholegrain bread each day (in my trusty breadmaker), see: HERE
and we had cheap and nutritious meals.

  • Chicken and vegetable pie with roast potatoes and spinach
  • Roast lamb with fresh salad and roasted vegetables
  • Sauteed prawns and salad
  • Fettuccine pinenuts and basil pesto
  • Corn fritters, bacon and poached eggs on wholemeal toast
  • Pizzas with individual toppings. etc.

* I understand that this might sound arrogant but believe me I've researched this, Buying at takeaway shops and dairies (bacon, processed meats, snack foods and other crap) is way more more expensive than buying fresh, wholesome (and cheap) produce to cook.

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  1. Why aren't there photos of these meals on facebook?
    Actually, I agree. As they say, cook your own food. Some families around Nuova Lazio seem to live on junk food (chippies, etc.) and takeaways.



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